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Our Services

Our services are grouped into 4 domains.  The services can be procured as a package or as individual services depending on client requirements and needs.

Assurance and Continuous Improvement

Individual or packaged services that directly deliver operational improvement

Quality Management

• QMS Assessment
QMS Design
QMS Improvement
QMS Audits

Business Processes

• Organisational Alignment
• Process Assessments
• Requirements Definition
• Process Design
• Process Improvement
• Process Content Governance


• Problem Analysis
• Solution Design

Administration and Integration

Individual or packaged services that deliver organisational integration


• Project Management
• Project Coordination
• Benefits Tracking
• Report Compilation

Information Management

• Data Capturing
• Data Analysis
• Data Purification

Management Support

• Records Management
• Financial Accounts Reporting

Sustainability and Employee Empowerment

Individual services that deliver people capability

• BPM Awareness Programmes and Training
• Process Training
• Facilitation

Knowledge Formation

Individual or packaged services that deliver organisational maturity against set standards

• Framework Development
• Framework interpretation
• Gap Analysis
• Best Practice Alignment

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